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Keeping Glass Windows Rust-Free

Thinking of keeping glass windows rust-free before ordering for a window replacement. You can take a chance for a repair on your own. There are some ideas on keeping glass windows rust free with simple things at home.

Rust is an organic stain, and it has to remove before it enters the surface and of course, the glass windows. Removing the rust stains be careful not to damage and scratch the windows. Here are some ideas toy can work as rust removal.

Glass Cleaning Solution

A windows cleaning solution to remove rust prepare at home. Add ½ cup of ammonia into ¼ cp of cornstarch and a cup of white vinegar. To clean the glass windows, use a soft cloth and put it into the solution. Remove extra moisture. Wash the windows by focusing on the rust stains. Now rinse the fabric with the water and apply the solution again until the rust is entirely out. In the last use a towel to dry the edges of the window.


For lighter rust stains, you can use the lemon. They are natural ingredients to remove the rust. Just rub on the lemon on the rust stains, and it will go on quick. Use a clean wet towel to rinse the lemon juice.

Dishwasher Detergent 

Applying the dishwasher detergent on the rust stain with a clean cloth. Rub it slightly to lose the rust from the glass. Use fine steel wool to rub the visible dye. Don’t press on much hard as the steel wool might leave its impressions.

Finally, rinse the area with water and dry it up with clean cloth and there you go the window is clean and rust-free.


In general, the color provides better protection from rust. It acts as versatile when the customizable design is needed. It makes a quick solution and works for a rust-free electric window.

Key Idea

Keeping glass windows rust-free is easy having the right material and the correct tools. You can work out either with the sealants or the paint or usually clean the rust when it comes.

If the damage is hard or the rust cannot move. A recommendation and the ultimate solution is to contact the window replacement company if you need a new window in the home.

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