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Professional and Reliable Bathroom Cleaning

There are some parts in every home, apartment, and office which crucially demand cleaning services. The bathroom is one of them. You can’t ignore its cleanliness. If it gets messy it gives bad and unbearable smells. Not to mention, House Cleaning Montreal is the best cleaning company which provides you with Professional Bathroom Cleaning Laval. In the first place, our technicians provide you a healthy, germ-free, and high level of sanitation conditions at your space.

It is our first priority to clean your space, making it ideal to live. Our professional cleaning maid staff performs a number of tasks to clean your bathroom in detail.

Bathroom cleaning from top to bottom

Furthermore, our professional technicians start cleaning work with a proper sequence. In the first place, the remove dust spots, clean the lights fixture. Remove the cobwebs if there are any. If there are any stubborn spots on the ceiling our staff remove them with care.

Walls Cleaning

The walls of the bathroom need special types of care while cleaning them. Our professional maids cleaners clean the walls. Remove the spots from the tiles. They clean the grout between the tiles. Remove all the dust accumulation from the grout and make them like a new one.

Floor Cleaning

Bathroom floor gets dirty and spotty in the comparatively shorter time period. House Cleaning Montreal deals with the bathroom floor very efficiently. In the first place, we make a solution fro the cleaning process. Using white vinegar, baking soda and half-filled water bucket. We apply it on the floor to get rid of scum spots and stains.

Sink Cleaning

First of all, while we clean the sink. Remove all the objects from the sink using the same solution we scrub the sink and remove all the pale spots from there. We cut down the grease spots from there. After completing the cleaning we organize all the objects again in their proper place.

Showerhead cleaning

Showerhead is a component which got rust stains. These are not so easy to remove. Our professional cleaning maid technicians have the potential to clean all types of stains and spots from there. We use baking soda to deal with rust spots.

Bathtub Cleaning

There may be grease spots and stains in the bathtub. To deal with these spots is a headache. House Cleaning Montreal has a unique way to deal with these issues. Our maids cleaners use a paper towel, vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice or borax to deal with bathtub grease spots. It removes the scum spots as well.

Commode Cleaning

One of the messiest objects is commode and is not easy to disinfect it. Our cleaning staff removes the mess and kill the germs. They use fragrant ingredients to remove the amount of smell from the commode.

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